The Fountain Pens and other writing instruments we currently offer are either newly manufactured by Edison Pen prior to lacquerwork, or are customized vintage writing instruments.
Edison Pens
We are proud to offer our lacquerwork on pens crafted by Edison Pen Co. All fountain pens manufactured by Edison Pen will be supplied with an 18K gold nib in your choice of Fine Medium or Broad. Nib customizations to Italic, Cursive Italic and Stub are available at a cost of $40 and to Extra Fine at a cost of $50. All of our pens manufactured by Edison Pen are cartridge/converter, eyedropper or bulb fillers. Other filling systems may be available on request. Rollerballs are also available on request. To see a listing of the pen models and other options that may be available, please visit:
Vintage Pens
All vintage fountain pens are guaranteed to function properly and are covered under our standard warranty. Parts from vintage pens come from original vintage parts, new old stock or have been remanufactured to original specifications. If you are interested in ordering a lacquered vintage pen, we currently offer our services on the pens listed below:
Conklin Crescent Fillers (Clipless)
Parker "51" Aerometric
Parker "51" Vacumatic
Parker Duofold (Vintage)
Parker Jack-Knife Lucky Curve
Parker Eyedropper Fillers
Sheaffer's TM Snorkel
Sheaffer's TM Touchdown
Waterman's Ideal Eydropper Fillers (Clipless)
Waterman's Ideal Lever Fillers (Clipless)
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